Earlier this year, We began to produce our sterile implantable pellets in our FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility. Our compounded pellets comply with the FDA’s standards for CGMP (current good manufacturing practices), just like the large commercial drug manufacturers. Currently, we have obtained 26 state licenses to sell as a 503B, and we are continuing to secure licenses throughout the country.  What does that mean for you the prescriber? If you are in one of the states that we have obtained our license, you may now place pellet orders for office use. Wells Pharmacy Network is recognized throughout the industry for the outstanding quality of our sterile implantable pellets and the support we offer our physician customers. Want to know what makes us superior?

  • Dedicated facility for pellet production
  • Highest quality and potency
  • Consistent color and texture
  • Resistant to breakage
  • Active ingredients made using USP grade materials derived from yam
  • Chemicals purchased from FDA registered facilities
  • PVP Free
  • Only 503B Pharmacy that encloses our pellets through blister packaging
  • Irradiation sterilization via E-Beam sterilizes the pellet and the blister pack enclosure
  • Pellet dedicated pharmacists available to answer your questions

For more information on our 503B Sterile Implantable Pellets, visit our 503B Pellets page.