Wells Pharmacy Networks understands that your pets or show horses are members of your family. That’s why we take pride in our products and service we provide. Our veterinary compounded medications are:

  • Efficacious, potent compounds
  • Made from raw ingredients sourced from FDA approved facilities with Certificate of Analysis
  • Flexibility in strength and volume of medications in order to dose animals of all sizes
  • Palatable, species appropriate flavors to aid in administration
  • Medications are available in powder, paste, solution, suspension and topical formulations to enable the perfect administration route for each unique animal
  • Frequently ordered compounds include: Pentosan Injectable, Progesterone in Sesame Oil Injectable , Histrelin Injectable, Chloramphenicol Paste, Levamisole/Decoquinate Paste, Pergolide Suspension and Powder, Doxycycline Powder, Diclofenac Topical, Griseofulvin Paste and Powder, Dexamethasone Powder, Phenylbutazone Paste and Powder, Calcitriol Solution, Cyclosporine Ophthalmic

Veterinary Team Are Industry Experts

Our dedicated Veterinary Team at Wells Pharmacy Network  are equine professionals with working knowledge of the horse industry with experience in breeding, foaling, management and herd health, as well as extensive product knowledge. Our Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians have many years’ experience in compounding for animals.

Experienced clinical pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians process and verify all orders.

Experienced clinical pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians process and verify all orders.

Pharmacy Operations

Our turnaround time at Wells Pharmacy Network is first rate in the veterinary compounding industry. We email tracking numbers so you know where you package is every step of the way, and our service is superior; we have relationships with our veterinaries and understand their practices and relationships with animal owners.

Quality Control/Assurance

Our commitment to the safety and quality of the preparations we compound is the most important thing we do every day. Our team of experienced clinical pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians process and verify all orders. Wells Pharmacy:

  • Protects pet owners by verifying licenses
  • Protects veterinarians and pet owners by strict observation, understanding of  and abiding by pharmacy law
  • We meet USP <800> standards
  • Sterility/endotoxin testing with certificate of sterility available

Pharmacist with veterinary knowledge available to answer questions from veterinarians, horse owners and pet owners